Introducing Art for Living

Welcome to Art for Living Fabric, we are making a bold, new statement in home decor, bags, accessories, and clothing. Our unique textile imagery comes from award-winning photographs taken by our designer Deborah Mills Thackrey. They were previously only available as fine art prints.

Our products are created “to order,” a process that takes a bit longer but is more than worth the wait. They are then shipped directly to you from our factory in North America. Our business model is greener and more sustainable because we only print and manufacture what is ordered. This saves fabric and ink and eliminates multiple steps in warehousing and transporting products saving energy and packaging.

Deborah’s unique, photographic images range from colorful, painterly textures (found “on the street”) to serene abstract reflections. Our products are instant conversation pieces whether a decorative throw pillow or cool neoprene tote bag, there is always a story to tell about the source of the image.

So please have fun, and bring some Art for Living into your life!