All About Our Throw Pillows

Art for Living is making a bold statement in home decor. We are taking our unique imagery from gallery walls and converting it to functional items for the contemporary home or office. Our designs are daring, colorful and exciting. Our cushions are created “to order”, a process that takes longer but is more than worth the wait. Our imagery ranges from painterly graffiti to calm, abstract looking reflections.

The Face:  Each of our unique pillows is faced with an original photograph by award-winning, fine art photographer Deborah Mills Thackrey. She carefully selects these images from her vast library of mostly abstract photos. Though some of the images appear "Photoshopped" they are rarely modified beyond normal spotting--a few may be tiled or repeated to achieve the desired effect. The image is then custom printed on fabric using state-of-the-art digital printers.

Our Green Story: We strive to be good citizens of the world. Our sewing is done locally. Our printing is done locally. We get our pillow backs from local sources. Local sourcing reduces transportation needs thereby saving fuel. We create our products “to order” keeping our inventory small, saving warehouse shipping, heating and cooling costs. Digital printing allows for less waste of ink and fabric than traditional textile printing and the inks are less harmful to the environment. Using pre-consumer recycled material for our pillow backs makes use of fabric that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

The Backs:  Art for Living uses exclusively 100% pre-consumer recycled, luxe upholstery fabric for the back of our pillows. They are individually selected by the artist to provide a harmonious counterpoint to the facing image.

Cording: Optional contrasting cording may be added. All of our cording is handmade.

Retail Hang Tags:  The photographic source of our unique designs are described by the artist on a custom, four page hang tag attached by colorful hemp cording.

Manufacturing: All of our pillows are handmade in the US by artisans in New York. All fabric is serged to prevent unraveling.